Ian Dille’s Road Back to Racing

September 24th, 2015

Texasbikeracing.com on my return to racing, and the important role ProloAustin played in my recovery, http://texasbikeracing.com/ian-dilles-road-back-to-racing

Ian describes how Prolotherapy with Dr. Fullerton reactivated his body’s own healing process, a partially-torn tendon in my left knee caused by overcompensation became whole again.

ProloAustin is a proud sponsor of elite cycling team SuperSquadraand supports all athletes

Ian Dille lives in Austin, Texas. He rides for SuperSquadra and is a mentor for their Super Jets development team. He frequently writes for Bicycling magazine and his latest book The Cyclist’s Bucket List: A Celebration of 75 Quintessential Cycling Experiences” was released in July.

We’re just wrapping up our road racing season now, another great year for the team, with a number of victories and podiums locally, and across the state. Additionally, our cycling clinics have become formalized by bike racing’s governing body, U.S.A. Cycling, and are now called the “Beginner Race Program.”


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