June 9th, 2020

“Dr. Brad Fullerton and the staff at ProloAustin are wonderful and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Dr. Fullerton is innovative, thorough, caring, and a solver of difficult problems, Every member of his staff is friendly, competent, supportive and professional. If you have a structural issue or soft-tissue problem that no one has been able to help you with, Dr. Fullerton could be your man! I’ve seen other doctors locally, as well as doctors at both Brigham and Women’s in Boston and the Cleveland Clinic, to try to find an answer for my soft-tissue issues. Dr. Fullerton is the only one who’s taken the time and trouble to try to figure out the problem (and not just send me to PT where it’s always been made worse) and offer a solution. It was a real leap of faith for me to travel all the way from West Virginia to Austin, Texas, to consult with Dr. Fullerton. I’m so glad that I did!”

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